Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Recipe CXXVI - Eton Mess

You're going to love this one. If you have a large group to cater for, or you have kids who just need to find their smile after eating all their hated vegetables, this is the one for you...
Started at Eton College in the UK, this is served up at cricket matches against their bitter rivals Harrow, and it goes down a storm...

Ingredients (4 people): 
300ml of fluid cream
a cup of forest fruits (although strawberries are ideal)
some meringue (crushed into smaller pieces but not too small)
sugar depending on taste

Whip the cream until it makes peaks. Crush the forest fruits until the juices run. Drain and save the juices in a cup. Gently mix in the fruits, the crushed meringue and the juice. Taste it - if it needs some sugar, add carefully. If not, get the largest spoon in the house and fill your face full until you can't talk any more!