Sunday, 22 May 2011

Recipe X - Curry to spoil your guests with

When it comes to home cooking, I am not a fan of measurements. In this recipe, please take my calculations as purely approximate. My mother, her mother and her grandmother were all excellent cooks and were known for just using their instincts for balancing up the ingredients. I hope I take after them in my measuring, if not in the kind of dishes I cook.

800g chicken/pork/lamb/beef cut into bitesize pieces
1-2 onions
1-2 green/red peppers
1-2 apples
4 medium-sized carrots cut into long strips
10 large button mushrooms, cut into quarters or lengthways
5 cloves of garlic, diced
50g+ sultanas and raisins
Ghee, butter or oil
A tin of diced tomatoes
300g natural yoghurt

Spices and additions:
Garam masala, cinnamon, chili powder, cardemom, cumin, fresh or dried coriander (not powdered), nutmeg, sugar - and lots of all of them! Later on in the cooking process: ground coconut and ground almonds.

First, salt the meat and add some of the diced garlic. Put it in the fridge for at least two hours.
Using a large frying pan with lid, take the meat, and gently fry it in the oil on a medium-low heat until the outside is sealed (to keep the juices in).
Remove the meat, and put all the powder spices (i.e. except the fresh coriander and the sugar) in the hot oil and make sure none of it sticks to the bottom of the pan. Put in the vegetables in the frying pan and sweat them for a few minutes. Re-introduce the meat, and add the sugar, apples, sultanas and raisins. Cook with lid for a further 5 minutes.
Add the tin of diced tomatoes, ground coconut, almonds, coriander and natural yoghurt. Stir in all the ingredients really well.
Cook for at least an hour on a low heat with the lid on.

This type of dish goes excellently with both nan bread, or basmati rice. Some people would choose to use coconut cream instead of yoghurt and that is also a favourite of mine.

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