Monday, 1 August 2011

Recipe XIX - Cooking with Fruit: Peach Jam and Peach Chutney

Ingredients for the jam:
8 to 10 peaches (750g pack)
A packet of gelling sugar (2:1)
A tablespoonful of ginger

Instructions for the jam:
Take the peel off the peaches and cut them into small pieces, removing the pips.
Weigh the amount of fruit you have left - in my case, I had about 650g left after step one.
Add exactly half the weight of sugar compared to the fruit.

Put the peaches and sugar into a saucepan, adding a decent spoonful of ginger.

Put some empty, clean jam jars into the oven on about 100°C for twenty minutes.
This will sterilise them so that the surface of the jam doesn't form mould.

Gently heat up the mixture in the saucepan. Once it is starting to bubble, let it boil vigorously for about three minutes.

Remove the jam jars from the oven and spoon the mixture into the jars. Leave to set. To check if the mixture is going to set well enough, put a very small amount onto a spoon and wait for twenty seconds. If it is going to set well, it will solidify on the spoon.

To create a vacuum, turn the jam jars upside down whilst setting. Once set, turn them up the right way.

Ingredients for the chutney:
The same amount of peaches, peeled and weighed (in my case, there were 450g)
Ordinary cane sugar, half the amount of the peaches.
Vinegar (white wine / apple cider / ordinary) - for the amount, use your own judgement - as a rule of thumb, try half a millilitre per gram of fruit. So I put in 225ml of vinegar.
One dessertspoonful of ginger
A handful of raisins or sultanas
Three cloves

Once again, put all the ingredients into the saucepan and bring to the boil. Leave it in there long enough to soften.
Don't let the liquid reduce too much - keep the lid on.
If after about 20-25 minutes it is still not soft, get the potato masher out and give it a good crushing.
Take your jampots out of the oven and fill them with your chutney.
Screw the tops on and allow them to cool.

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