Thursday, 1 September 2011

Recipe XXIII - Pork Pepper Steaks with Honey & Mustard Sauce

Sorry for not posting this weekend - I have just returned from Prague. But whilst I was there, I came across this extremely simple recipe by chance in a super restaurant called "Chapadlo", or in English "The Tentacle", in a suburb called Nusle. I sometimes just get on a tram to anywhere I haven't been in Prague, and get off when I see something interesting. I'm glad I got off there, right next to tram stop "Horky", as I'd recommend the place to anyone.

Ingredients (feeds two):
2-4 Pork steaks, depending on the size
Some salt
Whole peppercorns and a pestle & mortar

Instructions for the pork steaks:
Take a pestle & mortar and crush the pepper. Sprinkle salt on the pork on both sides. Then, take a large, flat-ish frying pan and heat up the oil to a high temperature. Fry the pork and towards the end of the cooking process, pour your pepper on the surface of the pork.

For the sauce:
Half a yoghurt pot of crème fraîche
3 spoonfuls of Dijon mustard with medium whole seeds
3 spoonfuls of semi-sweet honey
Take a small saucepan, spoon in the crème fraîche, the mustard and the honey and mix together well. Simply heat but do not boil and pour on the plate wherever you like!

I had mine at home tonight with steamed broccoli and boiled potatoes, but in Prague, I had it with chips and whole princess beans with onions.

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