Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Recipe LXV - Tiramisù

Tiramisù is probably the world's most mis-managed dessert. Some are really, really good, and some are very, very poor imitations. I, for example, hate it being too spongey as the cook thinks it a good idea to pour litres of alcohol over it. I prefer separating the alcohol from the sponge by putting it into the cream, and letting the coffee be the hero at the bottom. "Tirami Sù" is Italian for "Pick me up", and it is exactly that. After the main course, a hit of cream, coffee and alcohol is precisely the antedote required to round off a delicious meal.

1 cup of strong, cold coffee
25-30 Boudoir biscuits
250g Mascarpone (I only used one of these in the end!)
A cup or more of cream
A cup of sugar
Some alcohol - I prefer my own (see recipe XIII)
Two glass bowls (large and small, at least one square)
A grater
Some chocolate to grate on top

Take the cream and put it in a bowl. Whisk it until it is fluffy and small peaks appear on top. In another bowl, put in the Mascarpone, alcohol and sugar. Fold it all in together.
Then fold the Mascarpone mix into the cream until it is consistent.

Put a layer of Boudoir biscuits on the bottom of the square bowl, and drizzle some coffee over it.

Spoon a layer of your creamy mixture over the biscuits, then flatten it down.

Repeat another layer with more Boudoir biscuits and some coffee, and put more creamy mix on top.

Take the grater, and with the fine edge, grate a layer's worth of chocolate on to a plate. Put the chocolate aside for later.*

Use the edge of the plate to sprinkle the grated chocolate on top of the Tiramisu.

Put it into the fridge until serving time.

*A little extra something for the kids:
Don't waste the left-over ingredients! As the Tiramisu has alcohol in it, you can take the smaller bowl and do something with the rest for any children. As long as their dessert is jam packed full of chocolate, there's little or no chance they'll want some of yours...
Break the remaining Boudoir biscuits into the bowl. Melt the chocolate on a low flame, and tip it into the rest of the cream mixture. You can either stir it in, or make some swirly pattern out of it.

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